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EQUIP3: Learning and Earning for Out-of-school Youth is a program designed to engage and prepare out-of-school youth for their roles within the world of work, civil society and family life. We strengthen youth and youth-serving organizations, including nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, private businesses, and education and training providers.

EQUIP3 helps countries meet the needs and draw on the assets of young men and young women by improving policies and programs affecting youth in different sectors, such as education, democracy and governance, urban development, health, and agriculture. The program facilitates the involvement of youth in the design, implementation, and evaluation of these activities.

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Associate Awards

Honduras MIDEH 3
EQUIP3 is pleased to announce its new project Honduras MIDEH 3, or Improving Impact of Student Performance, a four year, $10 million initiative to offer basic education and technical training skills to at-risk-youth in Honduras. The project will provide up-to-date basic education and technical training skills to improve the preparation of youth entering the workforce. It will also offer assistance to Educatodos, an alternative basic and secondary education program for out-of-school children and youth. Honduras MIDEH 3 will also establish private-sector alliances and provide youth with training opportunities to obtain career readiness certificates that will help them secure jobs in the local labor market.

The new EQUIP3 Honduras MIDEH project solicits an Expression of Interes (EOI) from Non-Governmental Organizations for a tender for grants for projects with at-risk youth. For additional information and the terms of reference, please visit the links below:

El proyecto MIDEH 3 solicita Expresiones de Interés de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales para una licitacion para subvenciones para proyectos con jovenes en riesgo. Para más información y términos de referencia, favor visite los enlaces inferiores:

Final Report: Bangladesh Youth Empowerment Project (BYEP)

New Program: Youth Employability Skills (YES) Network, Macedonia The new EQUIP3 program, YES (Youth Employability Skills) Network will connect the supply and demand side of labor in Macedonia through various interventions in order to raise the quality of workers and connect them more readily to jobs. The project will build and extend the capacity of VET schools and employment services agencies to improve the work readiness of VET students and unemployed youth; and to provide services and respond to changing market needs by linking the institutions and instructors to the private sector.

Leader Award

New Publication: Out-of-School Youth in Developing Countries: What the data do (and do not) tell us
EQUIP3 is pleased to present its new publication, Out-of-School Youth in Developing Countries: What the data do and do not tell us. Part of EQUIP3's Policy Paper and Issues Series, this report presents an analysis of existing data profiling the status of out-of-school youth in developing countries. The report points out the value and limitations of an existing data set--the Demographic and Health Surveys--administered in 75 countries every five years since 1984.

New Publication: Workforce Development Initiatives for Out-of-School Youth ? What Works?: A Participatory Research with Youth and Communities in the Philippines EQUIP3 is pleased to present its new publication, Workforce Development Initiatives for Out-of-School Youth. This study is the product of research undertaken by the EQuALLS2 Associate Award project in the Philippines. The study examines the effect of EQuALLS2 Workforce Development (WFD) offerings on youth and their communities, with the goal of identifying factors contributing to the success of WFD programs. Data for this study were collected by field investigation covering youth, employers, parents of completers (i.e. out-of-school youth who have completed an EQuALLS2 workforce development training course) and community leaders in EQuALLS2 areas.

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