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Al-Saleh Institute Support Project for Youth (AISPY)
Friday, August 20, 2010

Award Duration: November 2009 - June 2011

Award Amount: $1,650,000

Location: Marib, Al-Jawf and Shaba

Target Population: youth ages 15 - 24 years

Major Areas of Work: work readiness; life skills; vocational and technical training

Project Overview

The Al-Saleh Youth Center is a residential center located in the Governorate of Marib. It is designed to serve 120 young men and women, ages 15 24, from the rural tribal areas of Marib, Al-Jawf and Shaba. The goal fo the Center is to provide targeted youth with the technical, vocational, interpersonal and life skills needed to build their capabilites, enhance their self esteem and self-image, and improve their employment prospects in the job market.


Strengthen the capacity of the Al-Saleh Foundation to manage the Center, through training, technical assistance, and materials development in the areas of management, finances, operations, program, youth development and strategic partnerships.
Develop and/or strengthen the Center's program design and short-term operational Plan.
Establish partnerships and formulate plans that ensure the Center's long-term success.


Strengthen the capacity of the Al-Saleh Foundation
Based on an organizational assessment, develop and 18-month program of capacity building in administrative and financial systems, management and youth development
Provide interim management to the Center and mentor Center staff
Develop procedures, processes, manuals and systems that ensure a sound management and governance structure for the Center
Develop a program of professional development for Center staff in the areas of youth development, livelihoods and workforce development, facilitation and collaboration
Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation system to track youth outcomes of participation in Center activities
Procure furniture, equipment and other assets needed to operate the center

Develop and strengthen the Center's program design and short-term operational plan
This objective includes the following tasks, to be carried out in partnership with the Al-Saleh Foundation and Youth Center, and with the participation of youth where applicable:
Survey the skill development and training needs of targeted youth, building on the results of the CSY Yemen assessment (November 2008)
Survey the livelihoods and employment prospects for youth in the three targeted governorates of Marib, Al-Jawf, Shabwa
Identify and assess the capacities of potential skills development and training providers
Develop a design, plan for and begin to implement new and/or strengthened program activities

International Partners
Education Development Center (EDC)

Primary Local Partners

Local Youth Serving Organizations

Project Documents
Al-Saleh Institute Support Project for Youth (AISPY) Overview


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