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Egypt Education Reform Program (ERP)

The mandate of EQUIP1/ERP is to assure quality education for all Egyptian children in schools that are themselves committed to continuous improvement through processes that the schools and communities control. AIR with its partners, Educational Development Center (EDC) and World Education (WE) works to achieve this aim through a strategy of School Based Reform.

School Based Reform (SBR) is a process rooted in recognizing the school as the change agent through which quality education is achieved. A quality education is one that addresses the child’s intellectual, social, psychological and physical development. The primary stakeholders whom an effective SBR approach must address are: teachers, school leadership and governance structures, communities and parents, and the governmental systems which support the schools. Yet, while all of these stakeholders are important and have their roles to play in improving the quality of education and learning outcomes; the reform is driven from the base of the school.

ERP/EQUIP1’s approach to School Based Reform will empower school communities to direct their own change process. It will be based on a partnership among the government, schools and civil society; and providing schools with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively implement the Egyptian standards to achieve accreditation for schools. ERP/EQUIP1 will support schools and communities to make the changes needed to produce positive outcomes in the cognitive, social and behavioral skills of all learners.

ERP/EQUIP1 will contribute to issues of equity by supporting improved literacy opportunities for adults, distributing girls’ scholarships, establishing multi-grade schools, and building of schools designed to support active learning and community participation. In support of sustainability of all these elements, EQUIP1/ERP will work to assure more data driven decision-making, systemization of learning, and the sharing of new knowledge.

By project’s end, ERP will have:

  • Impacted 308 schools
  • Trained 9,761 teachers
  • Established 245 Board of Trustees
  • Constructed 264 new classrooms
  • Disbursed 149,000 girls' scholarships

EQUIP1 Partners
Education Development Center (EDC)
World Education

Award Amount
$76.8 million

Award Duration
June 2004 - June 2009

Key Personnel
Chief of Party, Jane Benbow,

Hala El Serafy,

For more information, contact:
Rima Azzam,

Map of Egypt. Target govenorates: Alexandria, Cairo, Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya, Qena, and Aswan.

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