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Welcome to the EMACK Project Mtopanga Primary School Large Class

Education for Marginalized Children in Kenya (EMACK) is a two-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in support of the Government of Kenya's (GoK) interest in expanding educational opportunities for children living in the Coast and North Eastern Provinces of Kenya. Marginalized by the chronic impoverishment, water scarcity and recurrent famine endemic in these areas, these children have traditionally fared less well than others in terms of their educational achievement.

Program Goals and Objectives: To improve the quality of education for marginalized and vulnerable children.

    1. Increase community and parental involvement and participation in all aspects of school life;
    2. improve coordination and dialogue among stakeholders that contribute to and inform community,
        district and provincial education plans;
    3. improve pre-primary schools' teaching/learning resources and infrastructure and enhance teachers'
        capacities so that pre-schools attract more children who are better prepared to enter primary school;
    4. improve the teaching and learning environment in lower primary to improve retention rates in a
        newly challenging environment;
    5. provide parents and teachers with strategies to help children make a smooth transition from
        home or pre-school to primary school; and
    6. improve the well-being of vulnerable children so that they can take advantage of existing
        educational opportunities.

EMACK in the Coast Province

EMACK in North Eastern Province

EMACK Intervention Areas

The Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development under the Cooperative Agreement #GDG-A-00-03-0006-00.
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