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Submission Guidelines

***The Journal of Education for International Development is accepting submissions until August 31, 2010. The upcoming issue of JEID will be the final edition of the journal.***

All submissions are first reviewed by the JEID editor. Successfully screened articles are sent to at least one independent peer reviewer for review. The cycle of review and editing continues until JEID and the author reach agreement. JEID reserves the right to make final edits before publication.

JEID publishes different kinds of articles, including research, case studies, policy analyses, and analyses of new tools and methodologies. Authors are invited to submit articles on new issues and ideas in the field of education and development on topics such as cross-sectoral programming, educating out-of-school youth, the transition from school to work, education in emergencies, secondary education, and HIV/AIDS and education. JEID also welcomes submissions addressing such broad issues as financing education, policy reform for education and training, or promoting successful educational practices in the classroom, school, and community.

Topics being considered for Volume 5 (2010) include:

  • Non-formal education (programs that target learners outside the bounds of traditional schooling)

  • Early Childhood Educational Programs: Topics might include receptiveness of policy environment to such programming; their implementation; and evaluation

  • Inclusive Education (programs that target marginalized populations such as special needs, orphans and other vulnerable children)

  • Assessment in Development (success stories; constraints and challenges to monitoring and evaluation in developing countries)

  • Youth Employment and Education (programs that target workforce development skills for students).

JEID enthusiastically supports contributions for subscribers to topics. Please send suggestions to

Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word, in English, and double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Manuscript length should be between 2500-5000 words. The title page should include only the following information: title of the article, the name and affiliation of the author or authors, an abstract of 150 words, three to five key words and the date submitted. Pages should be numbered and acronyms or abbreviations spelled out the first time they appear, e.g., United States Agency for International Development (USAID). All references should be identified in a bibliography which should follow the American Psychological Association Style Guidelines. {See list of resources for the APA style.}

Tables, Figures, Photos
To comply with accessibility regulations (Section 508), all graphics (including tables, graphs, charts, figures, and photos) must contain a written explanation of the major messages. This explanation should be inserted into the "alt text" space for images (right click the graphic, choose "format" option, go to "web" tab to find the alt text space). Tables, figures, and photos should be integrated into the document and sources should cited beneath them.

Please email your cover letter, manuscript and any questions to and zip any document larger than 3mb.

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